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Welcome to visit our online shop. In order to make sure you feel safe to use the services and information provided by our online shop, we hereby to explain to you the privacy protection policy in our online shop to protect your rights and interests. Please read the following content in detail: 

A. Applicable scope of privacy protection policy The content of the privacy protection policy includes how our online shop processes the personal identification data collected when you use the services on the website. The privacy protection policy is not applicable to the linked website through our online shop nor to the personnel that are not entrusted by or participated in the management of our online shop. 

B. Data collecting and using method In order to provide you the best interactive service on the online shop, we might ask you to provide relevant personal information. The scope includes: 

  1. When you use the interactive functions of email or questionnaire survey, the online shop will keep the name, email address, contact details, and the time using the service that you provided. 
  2. During the general browsing, the server will automatically record relevant routes such as the IP address of the equipment you used for connection, using time, browser used, browsing records, and clicking records as the reference accordance for us to improve the services provided on the website. The records will only for internal use and will never be disclosed to the public. 
  3. In order to provide precise service, we will carry out statistics and analysis on the content of questionnaire survey we collected. The results will be presented in statistical data or text description. Other than being used for internal investigation, we will disclose the statistical data and text description according to the demands. However, it will not involve with any specific personal information. 
  4. Unless obtaining your permission or following the special regulations of other laws, the online shop will never disclose your personal data to any third party or use it to other purposes other than the collecting purpose specified. 

C. Data protection 

  1. The host computer of the online shop is equipped with various information security equipment and necessary security protection measures like firewalls and antivirus system to protect the website and your personal data. We adopt strict protection measures, and only authorized personnel can access to your personal data. The relevant processing personnel all sign a confidential contract with us. If any of them violates the confidential obligation, he/ she will receive related legal punishment. 
  2. If it is necessary to entrust the units related to the online shop to provide services due to business demand, the online shop will also strictly request them to comply with confidential obligation. We will adopt necessary inspection procedures to make sure the compliance. 

D. External links on the website The online shop offers other websites to link with our webpage. You can also clink to enter other websites through the links provided on the website of the online shop. However, any website you entered will not be applicable to the privacy protection polity offered by our online shop. You must refer to the privacy protection policy of the website you enter. 

E. The use of cookie In order to provide you the best service, the online shop will place and use our cookie in your computer. If you are not willing to accept the input of cookie, you can set the privacy level in the functions of your browser as high to reject the placement of cookie. However, it might cause some of the functions on the website unable to perform normally. 

F. Modification of privacy protection policy The privacy protection policy of our online shop will be modified at any time due to the demand. The provisions after revision will be published on the website.