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Notes for Delivery
All products will be delivered in cold storage during the whole transportation process by President Transnet Corp., and please put the product into the fridge as soon as you receive it.
Delivery area: Every single order will be delivered to one address.


  1. Delivery area
    All the areas, cities, counties in the main island of Taiwan as well as Penghu, Kinmen, and  Matsu. Please understand that the delivery might vary in offshore island if encountering unexpected factors caused by weather, sea state, suspension of air or shipping service due to Chinese New Year, and annual maintenance.
    The following areas will be excluded from the delivery service: Ilan County- Senkaku Islands (whole), Kaohsiung City- Pratas Island (whole) and Nansha Island (whole), Penghu County- Magong (Hujing Island and Tongpan Island), Wangan (whole), Qimei (whole), Baisha (Dacangyu, Yuanbeiyu, Niaoyu, and Jibeiyu), Kinmen County- Lieyu (Dadan Island and Erdan Island), Wuqiu (whole), and Taitung County- Lanyu (whole).
  2. Delivery time

No delivery will be carried out on Saturday Sunday, national holidays, day-off flexibly adjusted by the government, and natural disaster; normal delivery will be implemented the rest of the time. In addition, due to the policy of no delivery on Sunday regulated by our company, it is not able to appointed a specific date of arrival at the moment. However, the delivery arrival expectation slot can be selected (before 13:00 or between 14:00 and 18 :00). After dispatching the goods, the delivery will be based on the actual situation of the day. Please do reserve the time and date for the arrival of the expected goods and understand that we will not take the compensation responsibility of the late arrival of goods. 

Returns & Refunds
Once the order is established, it represents that you understand the following description and agree to cooperate with us:
  • Due to the consideration of food hygiene and safety, only the defect of the goods itself, damage, operational mistake, or the destruction caused by the delivery process can be requested for returns or refunds.
  • Please understand that the application of returns and refunds will be rejected if the goods deteriorated after being unsealed, being eaten, losing the temperature required, and being kept in the improper condition!
  • Before placing the order, please carefully read the description on the product page or check details with customer service personnel before you carry out the transaction!
  • Pearl Tree only provides the service of goods frozen home delivery but takes no responsibility for the late delivery by the logistics company. More information can be inquired at the official website of President Transnet or call President Transnet’s customer service at (02)412-8888.
  • When dealing with the refund, it will be directly refunded to the credit card used for payment (the actual refunded date shall be checked with your bank) if you pay by credit card. If bank transfer is used for payment, the refund will be transferred to the appointed account or you can transfer the amount of refund into the cash points equivalent to the same amount for future purchase.
Procedure of reflecting problems on products
  • When the products received are inconsistent with the specification and quantity ordered,
  • If the product is seriously damaged during the delivery process,
  • If you have any opinion or doubt on the quality on the product received,
Please take photos or video recording on the product within two days after receiving the product, retain the product, and contact with our customer service personnel. We will handle it for you as soon as possible. Any other situation excluded from above will not be accepted for returns and refunds.
If you would like to return the product, both you and our shop will take the mutual responsibility to recover back to original state when the transaction is terminated according to the regulations of Civil Code. Therefore: 
  1. Please keep the product in the whole-new state as well as confirm no missing of main product, receipt, and relevant accessory before sending it back along with the original packaging for us to deal with the relevant refund.
  2. If the product is involved with damage, wear & tear, scratch, dirt, and incomplete or damaged packaging caused by improper use and removal and unable to return to our shop in a complete state, we will charge you the fee required to restore the original state according to the actual situation or charge you the product price in the proportion of condition of product preservation.
Order Cancellation
  1. When you complete the order, please arrange the payment within two days; otherwise, the order might be cancelled or the arrival date will be postponed. Thank you for your cooperation.
  2. After you complete the payment on the shop at the official website of Pearl Tree but have to cancel the order due to any reason, please notify us for the cancellation of the order through customer service dedicated line, LINE, or private message on Facebook three working days before the original delivery date (excluding original product pickup date, regular holidays or national holidays) and it must be before 17:00. After being responded and confirmed by the customer service personnel, the order will be formally cancelled. LINE: (@pearltree); Facebook: 珍珠樹pearltree; customer service dedicated line (03)463-0088 (9am-5pm; except holidays/ regular day-off).
  3. A handling charge of NT$30 will be collected for the cancellation three working days before the original arrival excluding original product pickup date, regular holidays or national holidays). It is the handling charge for the payment flow of the third party.
  4. If the order cancellation is notified within three days of the original arrival date (excluding arrival date), Pearl Tree will charge 100% of the amount without any refund due to the product has been entered the stage of production.
  5. For the confirmed order cancellation, Pearl Tree will refund the amount to the credit card or through bank transfer within 15 days after deducting penalty. (The actual refund date shall be checked with the card-issuing bank.


  • What is the completion of order?

Please visit “my account/ order inquiry” to confirm whether the order number is generated for the order. If you only click the product to “add to the cart” or “add to the interest list”, it will not be regarded as the completion of the product order. Our system will not keep the product inventory or discount price for you. If virtual ATM account transfer is selected as the payment for the order, please complete the payment within 3 days (including holidays). If convenience store code is selected as the payment for the order, please complete the payment within 7 days (including holidays). For any overdue, the system will cancel the order automatically.

  • What if I do not receive the notification letter for the completion of the order?
If you do not receive the order confirmation letter, it might be caused by several reasons:
  1. Wrong email address or the email box is full so that the letter cannot be delivered.
  2. The portal of the free email account you use might be blocked by the server and cause the failure of the email delivery to the email box (such as PChome, Yahoo ... etc.).
  3. You order is not successful. Please visit “my account” to inquire your transaction record. If you can find the record, it means the order is successfully placed.