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When you become the user of our website (http://www.pearltree.com.tw ) (hereinafter referred to as “the website”), you have read and clearly understood the “disclaimer” in detail as well as agree our website has no responsibility for any of the following situations.

1. The risk of using the services provided by our website shall be undertaken by you. Users agree the use of various services provided on “the website” is based on personal willingness as well as agree to take responsibility for any risk, including any resource loss caused by downloading information or image from “the website” or the information obtained from the services provided on “the website”.

2. Any information or service provided by the website (including email received by the online user sent by our company) is provided according to “the current situation”. Our company does not guarantee its correctness, credibility, timeliness, and virus risk. If there is any damage, our company has no responsibility for it.

3. The webpage or information of the websites linked through our website is provided by the connected website. Relevant rights shall belong to the website linked and its legal right holder, and our company does not guarantee its correctness, timeliness or completeness. In addition, our company has no responsibility towards the user’s behavior on the website linked related to the online users.

4. “The website” is not responsible for data damage, loss, stolen, or altered caused by the unexpected force that affects the normal operation of the website, such as the temporary shutdown due to computer virus invasion or manipulation and the control from the government.

5. Our company is entitled to modify the text, image, files, catalogues design, functions, and other URL contents recorded on the website at any time without additional notification.

6. If there is any change on the personal information provided by the online user to our website, the relevant user shall submit the change application. Our company will not take compensation responsibility on the damage caused by relevant mistakes.

7. All the information on the website is the exclusive property of our company. Any unauthorized use of data will be regarded as a tort. Without the specific permission of the company, it is forbidden to use, reproduce, sell, transmit, alter, publish, and store all of or part of the information on the website, or use it for any other purpose in any method.